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Resume Writing Tips You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why there are people, despite of their overwhelming credentials, find it hard to apply for a job? On the other hand, there are others who used to be a college dropout but landed on a good job. Others may call this destiny. No, it is not “charisma” either. It is simply knowing how to maximize the use of job application tools and using them to their advantage. And one effective job hunting tool is your resume.


The truth is, all job applicants have their resume but not many of them created it right. If there are 2 words that will describe the ultimate goal of a resume, these are “positive impression”. Below are the standard rules when making a resume:

  1. Fonts

Use Times New Roman for your font. This is because this type of font is easy to read. There are also other fonts which are acceptable for resume use and among these are:

  • Georgia
  • Bell MT
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Garamond
  • Arial
  • Tahoma
  • Century Gothic
  • Lucida Sans

Take note that only one type of font must be used all throughout and use 12 pt. as your font’s size.

  1. Make important information obvious

Make sure that your name and heading stands out. You can type them using capital letters or underline them. Instead of 12 pt., use 14-16 points for their font size.

  1. Use proper resume formats
  1. Your Name
  2. Job title
  3. Professional Experience
  4. Formal Education and Professional Development
  5. Honors and Awards
  6. Character References
  1. Number of pages

If this is still your first time to apply, one page resume will do. You don’t need to lengthen everything on the paper when the information you add will just make your personal profile confusing. Remember, simplicity makes your data more comprehensible. However, if you are in your mid-career, a senior or someone who wants to create a professional resume, a 2 page document will do.

  1. Design

Use a design that looks tidy and functional. The trick is to make it appear less crowded. Hence, leave enough white space.

  1. Avoid Typos and Errors

This would reflect on what type of employee you will be. Obviously, no one wants to hire someone who is prone to mistakes at all times. If you apply online, send a pdf document so the original formatting and spacing of your document won’t be altered.