How to Transform Your Unorganized Garage Into an Efficient Storage Area

Every nook and cranny in your home are important, even your muddled unsystematic garage. Most homeowners admit that they guiltily place more attention on their living room, kitchen, dining area, and bedrooms compared to their garage. Well, no guest and if there is, only one out of a million will come to visit a home, ordering to see your garage first. For this reason, homeowners usually apply more efforts in organizing major home areas and leave out storage locations in household make-overs ideas. However, do you know that your garage needs your tender and loving care the same as what you give to your bedroom? Almost every household has a lifeless garage and some are like a cut out from a horror movie scene. Because of poor attention homeowners pay to their garage, this area tends to be more messy and dull. Moreover, it is difficult to look for materials you need in this kind of garage. Does your garage suffer a similar fate? Take some action today and make transform into a vibrant storage place. Here are the best garage storage solutions that you can apply in your home!


Tip #1: Install Lighting

The lack of lighting is a uniform feature of garages. Storage areas like should have more lighting than what you have in your personal room. Adding more lights can help to ward off pests that love hiding in the dark like rats and cockroaches. In addition, it will be much easier to find things in your garage without searching like a blind man. Also, more lighting can avoid unwanted accidents.


Tip #2: Use a Warm and Lively Paint Colors

Most garages are painted with neutral colors like gray, egg white or brown. However, painting your garage by these colors makes it darker and lifeless. Try to add some splash of color in your garage through painting warm and inviting hues. With this, you can avoid your garage from looking creepy. You can do some research on what color to choose that matches your home.


Tip #3: Add Shelves and Compartments

Adding shelves in your garage is a great life saver when it comes to organizing objects. If your garage has a few compartments to keep your things, install more of it. After you do so, systematize your belongings by storing it according to the frequency of use. If these objects are harmful keep it out by the reach of children or place it in a locked drawer. Remember to always take precaution in organizing your materials to prevent accidents.
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