The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

2The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is an activity in Newport Beach, California that has been initiated by two individuals of Italian origin. Such started as a competition wherein people will decorate their boats with lights or Japanese lanterns. In 1908, the parade of boats that are decorated with several lights started because of the interest of other boat operators in the area. The activity was then popularized and was also done in different important occasions like July four celebrations. After a few years, the fireworks display battles have also been introduced and included in the activity. However, the event was stopped because of the First World War. Fortunately, after a few years, the activity was continued and is now called the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.


Sticking to tradition, the event is an activity wherein boat, kayak, canoe, and yacht operators will compete by decorating their properties with beautiful and unique light displays. People who will be visiting the area will enjoy the fact that they will be able to see up to 100 water vehicles parade. Additionally, before the parade starts, a fireworks display will also be initiated by the organizers and sponsors. Such will be done at the Newport Pier. This year, such will be done on the 13th of December at around six in the evening. Likewise, at the end of the event, which will be on the 17th of December this year, a special fireworks display will also be done in order to close the event.


Citizens and tourists who would want to witness the event for can go the different viewing areas in the city. People who want to watch the event at an early time can go to the different restaurants like The Lighthouse Bayview Cafe and Newport Landing Restaurant. Those who want to do so at a later time can go to Billy’s at the Beach and The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar. People who do not want to go out can also simply stay in their hotels and witness the event. They just need to carefully choose the hotel wherein they will be staying.


The good thing is that people who want to closely experience the event can also do so via Newport Beach Yacht Charter companies. Such are companies that rent out yachts that also join the annual parade. Interested individuals can just simply look for and book companies offering private yacht or boat packages during the event dates.

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